About Ashland School District’s Superintendent

Samuel Bogdanove was appointed the superintendent of the Ashland School District in July 2020, following 19 years of service to the district as its Director of Student Services and second in the administrative chain of command. He also served during the 2019-2020 as Interim Principal of the Ashland High School. The Ashland District serves 3,000 K-12 students.

Mr. Bogdanove has a distinguished career in public education with specialized experience in special education programs. He received his Bachelor of Science Degree in Film and Video Production from Syracuse University and his M.A. in Special Education and Education Administration certification from the University of New Mexico. His early career with the New Mexico education system includes years as a public school teacher, state school principal and data system coordinator for the state department of education.


Samuel Bogdanove

In the Ashland school system, Mr. Bogdanove has had progressive responsibility as one of two district-level administrators serving under four superintendents. He helped build a robust, community-based continuum of special education services to students through age 21. He has built and managed student information systems and data management, handled complaint investigations and resolutions including special education due process hearings, led policy development on many issues, and served as a mentor to teachers and administrators.

Mr. Bogdanove has two daughters, both AHS graduates, and enjoys hiking and guitar in his spare time.

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