COVID-19 News and Safety


Keeping schools open and kids learning is our primary goal this year as we head into September.  The Delta variant has spread rapidly in our community.  Our best defense in school is adhering to COVID safety practices that keep staff and kids’ healthy and in classrooms.  We rely on the recommendations of our local county health office and our school nurse to review relevant COVID research and establish practices that keep our doors open.   

COVID protocols will be reviewed regularly as local active case rates change and as we learn new information on how to maintain safe and healthy school environments.  Parents and guardians will be notified when there is a significant change. 

Please read through the COVID protocols below and check with your principal if you have questions.  Together, we can make it a year of learning and connection for all of our students. 

Samuel Bogdanove 


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Short-Term Distance Learning School Details

2021-2022 ASD COVID-19 CASE DASHBOARD: Updated 10/12/21

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